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Brooklyn City Council 2019
Proven leadership providing a collaborative council for a strong future
Leadership Qualities

One of the most important qualities for a councilperson to have is to work well with others. Since first being appointed to council, Meg have shown that feature in my position.


Over my first few months on Council, Meg met with department directors to learn what services they provide, meet the staff that works every day on behalf of our residents, and see firsthand the work that they do (and sometimes the struggles they battle).

One of the first votes after being appointed to council was for the rules of council. While the new rule of prayer before council had Meg hesitant because of the non-religious residents and her personal feelings that prayer is personal and private, Meg proposed adding language stating "or moment of silence." This slight change was accepted by fellow council members and allowed her to feel comfortable with the change in rules. Meg continues to believe that collaboration is important among all leadership.

Meg's collaboration efforts have not stopped at the city level. Meg reached out to all Councilpersons under 40 throughout Cuyahoga County to start a group that will give a platform for communities to work together. The plan is for this group to have open communications and meet quarterly to come up with creative solutions to problems our communities face, advocate at the state level, and help move Cuyahoga forward.

Active Listener

While campaigning in 2017 and since being on council, Meg has listened to residents and responded to their questions, comments, and concerns. She believes it is important for Council to listen to the residents of the city. If you're a resident of Brooklyn, and want to add to this ongoing conversation, feel free to reach out to Meg:

Speaking the truth

Meg believes it is important to be honest with residents at all times. Meg continues to be disappointed in the rumors and lies that spread throughout our community. She has always been open to answering questions about her votes on Council and will continue to answer questions that residents may have in an honest, respectful manner.

Representation for Millennials 

Meg believes that Millennials are going to be an important generation for Brooklyn's housing market over the next several years, as Millennials are currently moving out of parents homes, settling down, graduating college, etc. The best way to be welcoming is to have representation, and Meg believes that she has shown that representation over the last year. From understanding the unique struggles of Millennials to founding the Under 40 Councilpersons group in our County, Meg continues to give Millennials a voice on council.

Passion for public service

Meg chose to work towards her Masters degree in Urban Planning through Cleveland State University because she knew she wanted her career to be more than a job to bring home a paycheck - she wants to make a difference. Meg took electives that focused on community and neighborhood development because it is the area of city planning that most interests her. Meg's passion to work for the public sector has shown in her leadership role as Councilperson over the last year.

Meg Ryan Shockey for Brooklyn City Council

Sleepless in Brooklyn...until the work is done!


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